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sunset time in Honolulu



1. From Your Guest Rooms


Complete your fun-filled day by taking a moment to relax and enjoy nature’s beauty on your private lanai. Stunning oceanview coupled with a breathtaking sunset will relax your senses and refresh your spirits.

Enjoy nature’s beauty in any of the Ocean side rooms.






2. At Hau Tree Lanai Restaurant


Waiting here for you is a panoramic view of sunsets with astoundingly rich emerging colors of orange, yellows, reds and blues, brushing the clouds with soft, velvety strokes, unhurriedly moving and evolving into smooth nebulous shapes, soothing you into the evening of desirable delight and indulgence with people who bring you the joie de vivre


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3. At Miyako Restaurant


From the height of the second floor at the Miyako restaurant, the distance gives one perspective and a feeling of the joy of simply being alive, while treating you to astonishing views laden with deep affluent hues of burgeoning blue, and stunning magenta hues rising above the still horizon, easing you into an evening of enchantment with genuine, traditional and modern Japanese delectable dishes like sushi selections, tempura, shabu shabu, sukiyaki and more.


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4. At Your Private Lanai


From the privacy of the lanai in your room, enjoy a quiet, inimitable experience reflecting on the changing colors in the Hawaiian sky, and the awe of being witness to a singularly stunning show,



5. At Sans Souci Room


Lazy coco palms nodding in the breeze against the brilliant tinges of profound, sizzling living color will stun the love in your heart and capture your mind and emotion.  The idyllic calm from the silhouettes of sailboats and canoes will lull you into a deep pleasure that will linger as a memorable delight for years. 




6. On the Sans Souci Beach


Just one elevator ride away, you can leisurely lean back on the historic Sans Souci beach without worry and catch sight of the distinctive, extravagant display of intense colors and soft light fading gently into that good night sky.  Many locals make an event of sitting on the beach to watch daily the spectacular Hawaiian sunsets.